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Current Transformers
MBS Logo NMC Series Clip-on Transducers
Manufactured by MBS Germany
Data sheet.
NMC Clip-on Transducers for MBS Current Transformers
NMC range transducers conveniently clip-on to MBS current transformers and offer both 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs from the 5A CT output.
  • Class 0.5
  • Operating range 0-120%
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Supply 24Vdc & 230Vac

CT-IL CT Transducer
Manufactured by Carrel-Electrade
Auckland New Zealand
Data sheet.
Model CT-IL Current Transformer to 4-20mA Loop
The CT-IL transducer converts the 5A secondary output from a current transformer into a 4-20mA current loop.
  • Connects directly to 5A CT secondary
  • Small size easily mounts onto any CT, 45x30x 41mm
  • Operating range 0-120%
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Powered directly from the current loop

CR Magnetics Current Switches
Data sheet.
CR9300 Series Current Switches
Self-powered, fixed set-point current switch for on/off indication of current flow.
  • NPN, PNP & SCR switching with 6.8mm bore
  • SCR switching with 15.5mm bore

Hall Effect Devices Devices
Manufactured by Thousand Hundred Industrial
Data sheet.
TR Series Hall effect devices.
DC current sensors with ranges from 100A to 500A.
  • 32mm diameter window
  • Low temperature drift
  • Very low insertion loss
  • <1% accuracy, <10mV offset
  • 50kHz bandwidth
  • 3kV isolation 50/60Hz
  • ±4V output
  • ±15V supply
NZ flag
Carrel-Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.