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Audible & Visual Alarms/Indicators
Industrial & Commercial Signals/Alarms
Carrel-Electrade manufacture, import & supply a range of warning signals for a wide variety of applications. From simple bells & buzzers to large 3-phase motor driven sirens audible for up to 8km. Visual signals include xenon strobes, LED beacons & rotary lights. The range includes many combined sounder & beacon options for commercial & industrial applications.
A wide range of electronic sounders with sound levels up to 120dBA. Multi function sounders, IP66 rating & a wide range of power supply options.
Static, flashing & rotating beacons. Xenon, LED & incandescent. Industrial traffic lights/tower lights, vehicle mounted rotating warning lights & more.
Combined Sounders & Beacons.
A wide variety of sounder & beacon combinations to suit any application. Audible & visual alarms/indicators for industrial & commercial signalling.
A range of modular designs enable application specific sounder/beacon solutions to be built up to satisfy customer requirements.
From hand held hand operated sirens up to powerful motor driven sirens for wide area emergency warning such as rural fire services and tsunami warning.
Fire Alarms.
Manual call points basic or weather proof IP67 re-settable models, self contained wall mounting Type 1 fire alarm systems & AS2220 evacuation sounders.
Bells, Buzzers & Horns
Electro-mechanical signalling includes the traditional bell, panel mounted buzzers & horns.
Ex Explosion Protected/Intrinsically Safe Sounders & Beacons
Industrial hazardous area signalling. Beacons, sounders & beacon/sounder combinations.
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Carrel-Electrade Limited
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