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Audible & Visual Alarms
Fire Alarm Products Manufactured and Supplied by Carrel-Electrade
MFA Wall Mounting Fire Alarms
Self contained wall mounted fire alarm systems, bell or electronic two-tone sounder.
  • Historical compliance to NZS 4512:1994 for Type 1 fire alarm systems
    NOTE Should only be used to replace existing units or in situations that do not require a monitored fire alarm system
  • Battery powered or external 6V supply
  • 6V battery IEC code 4LR25-2, ANSI/NEDA code 918A
    Recommended battery replacement: VARTA 6V 4R25-2
  • Optional locking/latching call point with key switch reset

Replacement glass available.

MCP MCP-57-150 Manual Call Point
A manual break-glass and switch call point designed to meet the requirements for fire alarm systems as specified in NZS 4512:1997 "Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in Buildings"
  • Historical compliance to NZS 4512: 1997
  • 5A 28Vdc gold flashed switch contacts
  • 130mm * 130mm * 67mm, material ABS
  • Cable entry 29mm conduit thread

Replacement glass available.

WRP2 STI ReSet call point
Data sheet
WRP2 Waetherproof STI Reset Call Points
A call point that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user all the benefits and advantages of a re-settable operating element.
  • Complies EN54-11
  • IP67 protection
  • Available in red, blue, white & yellow
  • 93mm * 93mm * 72mm deep

Data sheet
EWS 6 Electronic Warning Signal
One-piece multi-tone electronic sounder
The EWS 6 is a digitally based electronic sounder housed in a self contained horn speaker and has 16 separate tones selected on a 4 way DIP switch on the internal pc board.
  • Complies with NZS4512:1997 Fire Alarms Systems in Buildings
  • 16 selectable sounds, continuous, intermittent and sirens
    • AS2220 fire/evacuation tones
  • 108 - 118dBA @ 1 meter sound level
  • IP66 protection
  • 10 - 30Vdc, 0.25A - 0.6Adc operation
  • 1 hour duty rating

Data sheet
EWSF-PCB AS2220 Fire/Evacuation Sounder Driver Board
Don't replace the whole horn just replace the driver board
  • Self contained easily installed within a small horn speaker
  • Complies with NZS4512:1997 Fire Alarms Systems in Buildings
  • 16 selectable sounds, continuous, intermittent and sirens(defaults to AS2220)
  • typically 112dB @ 1 meter sound level with a horn speaker
  • 10 - 30Vdc 0.25A operation
  • 1 hour duty rating
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