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Panel Meters
Carrel Electrade inherits over 50 years experience in analogue panel meters from Carrel & Carrel.
Today the company continues to import & manufacture moving iron and moving coil panel meters, specialising in custom scaled panel meters manufactured to order.
The range of panel meters includes moving iron ammeters & voltmeters, moving coil ammeters & voltmeters, thermal maximum demand ammeters, power factor meters, synchroscopes and frequency meters.
In addition to the analogue panel meters, a range of digital panel meters includes ammeters & voltmeters, frequency meters, tachometers & rate meters, line speed indicators and multifunction panel meters.
Custom Meter Scales
Manufactured to Order
  • Dual scaling
  • Coloured calibration marks
  • Coloured bands
  • Centre zero
  • Calibration potentiometer
Battery meter scale
Meter scale Meter scale
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Carrel Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.