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Carrel Electrade Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated Manufacturer and Distributor of a wide range of Industrial electrical control and monitoring componentry. Not just another foreign owned branch office, we’re here to offer local solutions to local problems.

The company maintains long-standing values such as service, dependability and reliability coupled with flair, ingenuity and innovation. We believe our advantage is our innovation and manufacturing flexibility on demand.

CEL has a combined history of more than 60 years experience meeting the demand of New Zealand Industry.

We are New Zealand’s only manufacturer of analogue panel instruments, timber moisture meters and electrical transducers. Dedicated staff in our switchboard meter scaling department offer the highest level of professional standards and have more than 35 years of practical experience. This means that we understand your requirements and have the skills to provide the solutions you need.

Our T Series and LP Series electrical transducers, as with all products we manufacture, have been designed to meet the requirements of international standards and meticulous attention is paid to the quality and robustness of the units.

Our EWS range of locally manufactured audible alarms have been successfully utilised in a tsunami warning alarm system in Northland and many other applications.

Our extensive and complementary range of recognised brand imported components is well accepted throughout New Zealand industry.

In addition to standard products we work closely with end users to develop specialised measuring equipment to meet specific needs. These projects may involve the adaptation of standard products, or completely new designs. When coupled with the experience and expertise of our technical and sales staff and our national distribution network with warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch, Carrel Electrade Ltd truly offer…

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Carrel Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.