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Product Safety Declaration

Carrel Electrade Ltd hereby certify that all products sold by them meet the safety requirements of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. In particular we certify that all products meet the requirements of clause 80 of these regulations which requires all fittings and appliances to be electrically safe. In addition to the above, under clause 83 of the regulations there is a requirement for ‘declared medium risk articles’ not to be sold unless the supplier has made a ‘Supplier Declaration of Conformity’ (SDoC).
The only medium risk articles sold by Carrel Electrade Ltd are;

Extractor Fans
Fan Control Switches

SDoCs for these items are available in PDF format below.

Clause 84 of the regulations states that ‘declared high risk articles’ may not be sold unless they are approved by the Secretary. Carrel Electrade Ltd does not sell any high risk articles.

Please note the following;

Under the regulations there is no requirement for a supplier to issue a Supplier Declaration of Conformity unless it is for a declared medium risk article. Articles sold by Carrel Electrade Ltd that fall into the medium risk category are detailed above.

Carrel Electrade Ltd does not sell any high risk articles.

This declaration is sufficient evidence of the electrical safety of all other (neither medium nor high risk) articles sold by Carrel Electrade Ltd i.e. no SDoC is required under the regulations.

Supplier Declarations of Conformity
Carrel Electrade Ltd. Product Safety Declaration
Vortice AHDR-EcoDry hand dryer range.
Vortice PremiumDry hand dryers.
Vortice Lineo fan range.
Vortice Punto fan range.
Vortice Vario fan range.
Vortice speed controllers & environmental accessories.
Vortice Thermologica heater.

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