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  • Door Sensors
    Autonics ADS-AF Door Sensor
    Above door sensor using infrared reflective method.
    • Selectable time function, 2/7/15 seconds
    • Selectable sensing area
    • Wide range supply, 24-240V ac/dc 4VA
    • Relay outtput, 50Vdc 0.1A

    Door minder kits
    - Includes 24Vdc plug pack supply, sensor, beeper & flashing light.
    - Optional extention beeper/flashing light module.
    DM-01 Door Sensor Kit
    DM-01 door sensor kit ADS-AF door sensor DM-01-EXT door sensor kit extension

  • Metal Sheet Double Feed Sensors & Controllers
    Sunx GD Series Metal Sheet Double Feed Sensors & Controller
    From ultra thin lead frames to iron sheets.
    Double feed detection of various metal sheets.
    • GD-10 high precision double feed detector, 30mm range
    • GD-20 long range double feed detector, 70mm range
    • GD-C1 controller 12/4Vdc supply

  • Colour Recognition Sensors
    Sunx LX-101 Colour Recognition Sensors
    RGB color sensor for high speed detection of registration marks.
    The LX-101 digital color mark sensor utilises 3 LED elements to achieve high precision sensing.
    • Fully teachable colour mark sensor
    • 4 digit digital display plus indicators
    • 12-24Vdc supply
    • IP67 protection
    • 10mm range
    • NPN & PNP output options

  • Smart Vision Sensors
    Datasensor SVS1 Machine Camera Vision System
    The SVS1 is the easiest solution for machine vision applications.
    SVS1 relies on the concept of a completely embedded vision sensor.
    The setup is very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC unit & the external configurator with its 3.5" colour display.
    • Real embedded vision sensor
    • Quick setup via VSC unit
    • No PC needed
    • Real time monitoring

    Data sheet

  • Barcode Readers
    Datalogic Industrial Barcode Readers
    Datalogic industrial barcode readers are part of a full range of leading-edge scanning devices developed by Datalogic to cover all markets, including factory automation, healthcare, transport, logistics & retail.
    With expert backup from Datalogic's worldwide network behind us, Carrel Electrade can offer the tools required for the most stringent imaging requirements.
    Please call for recommendations & pricing.
    Hand Held Scanner

    MATRIX 120
    Fixed Barcode Scanner
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