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Electrical Transducers
LP-Series Transducers Overview

The design of the LP-Series electrical transducers provides for highly efficient semi-automatic production methods to be employed in their manufacture making them a very attractive low cost product for the electrical industry. The LP-series is particularly suited to systems where large numbers of transducers are required at an economical cost while still retaining the same high quality and performance as the already established T-Series transducers. Lower production costs have been achieved through improved design, componentry and production techniques and confining the range to popular units in common use. Any small quantity requirements not satisfied from the standard LP range can be filled by units from the T-Series range. Non-standard LP-Series transducers are available on request providing the quantity is sufficient to make their production economically viable.

All transducers are designed to exceed the requirements of the international standard IEC 60688 "Electrical measuring transducers for converting ac electrical quantities to analogue or digital signals". Other standards applying to the units are the safety standard IEC 414 and the insulation standard IEC 255 clauses 5, 6 and 8.

AS/NZS 61000.6.3:2012

The standard accuracy of LP-Series transducers is Class 0.5 (0.5% of span) as defined by IEC 60688. Where a higher level of accuracy is justified LP Series transducers can be calibrated to Class 0.2 on special request. Transducers are calibrated and tested on a computerised test bed. Individual test results are available in hard copy on request.

A high galvanic separation exists between inputs, outputs and the auxiliary supply circuit to ensure the safety of sensitive equipment in the measurement system. The outputs are current and voltage limited and incorporate surge protection to minimise the risk of damage due to faults or over voltage transients.

Case Styles & Dimensions
The low profile compact plastic cases are manufactured in grey self-extinguishing PPO plastic with simple clip-on mounting for type 35 DIN rail. Connections are made by plated copper cage rising clamp screw terminals which are suitable for bare conductors or peg terminations up to 2.5mm (4mm2) diameter.

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