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LP-TR Pt100 Temperature Transducer

LP-TR Pt100 Temperature Transducer

The LP-TR converts the resistance value of a Pt100 Platinum resistance element into an analog voltage or current output proportional to the temperature.
The three wire method of connection is used and the Pt100 signal is fully linearised.

Basic Specifications:
InputPt100 platinum resistance sensor Class A
Three lead with compensation or two lead sensor without compensation
Standard ranges: -50 to +50°C, 0-50°C, 0-100°C, 0-200°C, 0-400°C, 0-600°C (others on request)
Sensing current: 1.2mA dc
OutputLoad independent dc current or voltage
: 0 to 5V dc >2kΩ load
: 0 to 10V dc >2kΩ load
: 0 to 10mA dc <1500Ω load
: 0 to 20mA dc <750Ω load
: 4 to 20mA dc <750Ω load
Accuracy: Class B to DIN 43760 ±(0.3 + 0.005t)°C, Class 0.5
Range: 0 - 100%
Power Supply: 24V, 110V, 230/240V ac ±20%, 1.5VA
: 24V dc ±20% or 110V/125V dc (88V-138V), 2W
IsolationGalvanic isolation between input, output circuit and auxiliary supply
Test voltage: 4kV 50Hz ac for 1 minute
TemperatureOperating: 0°C to +23°C to +60°C
EMC Compliance: AS/NZS 61000.6.3:2012
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