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Electrical Transducers
Maximum Demand Controller
MDC-01 Maximum demand controller
Model MDC-01

MDC-01 Maximum Demand Controller
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Minimise your energy costs by controlling your maximum demand with this low cost controller.

Non-domestic electrical power users often have to pay a maximum demand charge in addition to the usual charge for the number of units consumed. Maximum demand charges are usually based on the highest amount of power used during any specified period (usually 30 mins) during the metering month. The maximum demand charge often represents a large proportion of the total bill and may be based on one isolated episode of high power use. Considerable savings can be realised by monitoring power use and turning off or reducing non-essential loads during periods of high power use.
The MDC-01 is a simple load shedding device suitable for small to medium size consumers wishing to reduce their maximum demand in an economical and simple manner. The unit is also suitable for reducing load for other purposes such as limiting cable and transformer loading.

Basic Specifications:
Inputs: Isolated through optocoupler
: Dry contact or NPN open collector
: 0.1 kWhr (kVAhr) pulses
Load Control Outputs: Relay contacts, 8A, 250V ac
: Shed level 1: 3% below target setting
: Shed level 2: at target setting
: Shed level 3: 3% above target setting
: Relay hysteresis: 1% of target setting
Alarm Outputs: Relay contacts, 8A, 250V ac
: Power reading exceeds recorded maximum
Window: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Target Setting: 0 to 999.9 kW (kVA)
Auxiliary Supply: 230Vac, 110Vac, 12Vdc & 24Vdc
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