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Electrical Transducers
T-1KW1 Kilowatt Hour Meter
Model T-1KW1

T-1KW1 Kilowatt Hour Meter

The T-1KW1 is an extremely compact single phase electronic kWh meter.
To avoid using bulky terminals the current path passes through an inbuilt CT via a hole through the case. In addition to the integral 6 digit counter the meter can be supplied with an open collector pulse output for use with data loggers or similar electronic recorders or controllers.

Basic Specifications:
Inputs: 0 - 15 - 60A
: 230V ac (optional 110V ac)
Outputs: Internal 7 digit accumulating counter
(either or both): NPN open collector opto coupler
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Accuracy: Class 1 IEC 61036
EMC Compliance: AS/NZS 61000.6.3:2012
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