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Electrical Transducers
T-TTC Temperature Transducer
Model T-TTC

T-TTC Thermocouple Temperature Transducer

The T-TTC temperature transducer converts the mv output of a standard thermocouple into a load independent dc voltage or current output proportional to the temperature.
Cold junction compensation is provided to allow termination of the thermocouple leads at ambient temperature.
Internal compensation circuitry is used to correct for the non-linearities of the thermocouple outputs.

Basic Specifications:
InputThermocouple mv dc signals
Standard ranges: Type K 0-100°C, 0-200°C, 0-300°C, 0-400°C,
(others on request): 0-500°C, 0-600°C, 0-800°C, 0-1000°C, 0-1200°C
: Type J 0-100°C, 0-200°C, 0-300°C, 0-400°C,
: 0-500°C, 0-600°C, 0-700°C
Other thermocouples on request
Input resistance: 4.7 Megohms
OutputLoad independent dc current and voltage
: 0 to 10mA dc <1500Ω load
: 0 to 20mA dc <750Ω load
: 4 to 20mA dc <750Ω load
: 0 - 5V dc >2kΩ load
: 0 - 10V dc >2kΩ load
Accuracy: Class 1 to IEC 60584-1
: Class 0.5 to IEC 60688 (range>300°C)
Auxiliary Supply: 24V, 110V, 230/240V, 400/415V ac ±20%, 2VA
: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V dc ±20%, 2W
IsolationGalvanic isolation between circuitry and auxiliary supply
No galvanic isolation from sensor to output
Test voltage: 4kV 50Hz ac for 1 minute
TemperatureOperating: -10°C to +20°C to +50°C
EMC Approvals: AS/NZS 3548
C-Tick Mark: C-Tick Mark approved
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