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Panel Meters

CMC65PB Moving Coil Meters
Manufactured by Carrel-Electrade Auckland New Zealand
Model CMC65PB
Model CMC65PB 90° horizontal scale 86 x 78mm
AC and DC Ammeters and Voltmeters scaled to order
Class accuracy 2.5
DC ammeters 50µA to 30A direct connect, up to 50A with rear mounted shunt
AC ammeters 60µA to 30A direct connect
DC & AC voltmeters to 500V

Dual scale
Diode overload protection
Suppressed zero, offset or centre zero
Coloured bands or calibration marks
Calibration potentiometer
AC ammeters compressed overscale
Battery meter

Edgewise Moving Coil Meters
Manufactured by GOSSEN Müller Weigert Germany
Model Pff72
Ammeters and Voltmeters manufactured to order
Blank meters 0-1mA dc
Class accuracy 1.5
Pff72 72mm x 24mm x 91mm
Pff96 96mm x 24mm x 91mm
Pff144 144mm x 36mm x 186mm
NZ flag
Carrel Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.