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Variable Speed Drives
Variable Speed Drives
Manufactured by Panasonic

VF0 Series VF-0 AC Inverters
  • Ultra compact
  • Easy to use & cost effective
  • Single phase models 230V 0.2kW to 1.5kW
  • Three phase models 0.75kW to 3.7kW

Single phase VF0 Single Phase 230Vac
  • VF0-00022D 0.2W
  • VF0-00042D 0.4kW
  • VF0-00072D 0.75kW
  • VF0-00152D 1.5kW
  • VF0-00042D 0.4kW with brake
  • VF0-00072D 0.75kW with brake
  • VF0-00152D 1.5kW with brake

3 phase VFO 3 Phase 400Vac
  • VF0-00074 0.75kW
  • VF0-00154 1.5kW
  • VF0-00224 2.2kW
  • VF0-00374 3.7kW
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