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Crouzet em4 nano PLC
em4 nano Programmable Logic Controllers
Manufactured by Crouzet.
em4 Local
Standalone nano-PLC
Compact easy to program nano-PLC
Em4 nano PLC
em4 Ethernet
nano-PLC with embedded Ethernet
Modbus TCP/IP server
Em4 nano PLC

em4 Alert
nano-PLC that can alert you
via SMS and send you emails
Em4 nano PLC
Expansion modules & accessories
Additional I/O lines
Modbus & USB interface modules
Em4 nano PLC

em4-Soft em4-Soft Intuitive graphical programming
Based on Crouzet's experience in Millenium programming software development, em4 soft is the new easy-to-use programming tool dedicated to the em4 nano-PLC range.


em4 Local

em4 -Local

Easy to use, easy to program stand alone PLC. Intuitive graphical programming.
  • 26 I/O
  • 24Vdc -15/+20% supply
  • Highly visible display, 4 lines 18 characters. 6 programmable keys
  • 12 digital/analog inputs
  • 4 configurable digital inputs (0-10 V, 0-20, 4-20 mA)
  • 2 PWM for analog output control or 0-10V/ 4-20 mA converter
  • 8 relay outputs, 2 x 6A & 6 x 8A
  • Programmable locally with an USB interface
  • Optional Modbus RS485 slave interface

em4 Ethernet
em4 Ethernet

em4 Starter Kit
em4 -Ethernet
With Embedded Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP server.
  • Modbus TCP/IP server
  • Datalog via email or FTP server
  • Connect to your em4 via the internet

Starter Kit available
Kit Contents: em4 Ethernet nano-PLC, em4 Soft USB Stick, Ethernet Cable

em4 Alert
em4 Alert

em4 Starter Kit
em4 -Alert 3G

Connect your equipment to the GPRS 3G network.
  • Get alerted by SMS or email
  • Send data via SMS, email or FTP
  • Exchange data between several Em4 Alert
  • Use your own SIM card supplied by any operator

Starter Kit available
Kit Contents: em4 Alert nano-PLC, Wireless Antenna, em4 Soft USB Stick, USB Interface

em4 -Expansions
  • Analog I/O expansion module, 6 inputs & 4 outputs
  • Digital expansion module, 6 inputs & 4 relay outputs
em4 -Accessories
  • Modbus slave interface
  • Usb interface
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