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Safety Light Curtains
Light Curtains
A full range of safety light curtains are available to order, providing Type 2 or Type 4 protection for complete machine safety from 150mm to 1950mm height. Beam pitch options range from 14mm (finger protection), 25mm or 30mm (hand protection), 45mm (arm/foot protection), through to full body protection systems. Protection areas up to 15m for smaller pitch units and 50m for body protection curtains. The area sensors are compact , with all control circuits and I/O contained inside a rugged aluminium housing. With the wide range of light curtains from our suppliers, we are certain to satisfy the most demanding applications.

NA1-11 Light Curtain
Small / Slim Object Detection Area Sensor
  • Cross beam scanning to detect small objects
  • Slim design, just 10mm thick
  • Sensing height 100mm
  • Element pitch 10mm, 11 elements
  • Sensing range 0.17 to 1m
  • 24V dc supply
  • NPN output (PNP also available)

Safety Light Curtains
Manufactured by REER.
EOS4 SafetyLight Curtains
The smallest of its kind - M12 threaded sleeve just 55mm long.
  • Cross beam scanning to detect small objects
  • Minimal cross section 28 x 30mm
  • No blind area on one side
  • Protection grade IP65 & IP67
    A full range of accessories including IP69K food-graded enclosures
  • Safety Level Type 4, SIL3/SILCL3, PL e & Cat.4 standards
  • External Device Monitoring (EDM)
  • Range height from 160mm to 1060mm
  • Range options 6m & 12m
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