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Safety Controllers
Safety Controllers
Manufactured by REER.

Mosaic Manual
MI16 Manual
MR4 Manual
Mosaic Safety Controller
Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machinery, plant & personnel.
Simultaneously monitoring several safety sensors and commands, concentrating management of these signals in a single, flexible device.
  • Mosaic-M1 Master unit with 8 digital inputs & 2 safety outputs
  • Mosaic-MI8O2 Expansion unit, 8 digital inputs & 2 safety outputs
  • Mosaic-MI12T8 Input expansion unit, 12 digital inputs, 8 test outputs
  • Mosaic-MI16 Input expansion unit, 16 digital inputs, 4 test outputs
  • Mosaic-MO4 Output expansion unit, 2 safety output pairs
  • Mosaic-MR4 Output expansion unit, 2 safety relays with guided contacts

Mosaic configuration software link:

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