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Fibre Optic Sensors
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Fibre Optic Sensors
Precision sensing and measurement through advanced technology.
Sunx FX-100 Series Digital Fibre Optic Sensor
Dual digital display for ease of set up
  • Dual display, threshold & incident light intensity
  • Teaching mode
  • Slim design, just 9mm thick
  • NPN or PNP output option
  • 12-24V dc supply

FX-100 series data sheet

Sunx FX-300 Series Advanced Digital Fibre Optic Sensor
Advanced light emitter control for stable operation
both short & long term
  • Large 4 digit display, threshold values from 1 to 9999
  • Fast response time
  • Slim design, just 10mm thick
  • 12-24V dc supply
  • NPN & PNP output option

FX-300 series data sheet

Sunx FX-311 Series Manually Set Fibre Optic Sensor
Highly sensitive manual tuning made easy
  • 12 turn pot & position indicator with back light
  • Assist function eases adjustment for optimum sensitivity
  • Slim design, just 10mm thick
  • 12-24V dc supply
  • NPN & PNP output option

FX-311 series data sheet

Sunx FX-501 & FX-551 Fibre Optic Sensors
Super-fast & stable detection of minute objects
  • Push button teach & programming
  • Fast response time
  • Stable operation
  • 12-24V dc supply
  • FX-551-C2 with 2m cable
  • NPN & PNP output option

FX-500 series data sheet

Sunx FX-11A Analogue Output Fibre Optic Sensor
In combination with various types of fibers the FX-11A can be used in a wide variety of applications including thickness, size & distance measurement.
  • Analogue output, 1 to 5V
  • Saturation indicator
  • Incident beam indicator
  • Slim design, just 10mm thick
  • 12-24V dc supply

FX-11A data sheet

Sunx FZ-11 Colour Recognition Fibre Optic Sensor
Reliable RGB colour detection using red, green & blue LED lights
  • Single button teaching simplifies colour sensing
  • Manual or auto teach modes
  • Sensors for different applications and object size
  • 1ms response time
  • NPN & PNP output option
  • 12-24V dc supply

FZ-11 data sheet

Carrel Electrade stock a wide range of fibre optic cables & accessories for the Sunx range of sensors.
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