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  • PIR Movement Detectors

    18.01 PIR sensor

    18.11 PIR sensor

    Finder 18 Series Infra-Red (PIR) Movement Detectors
    Detect body heat & movement to control lighting etc.
    • Models for internal & external applications
    • Ceiling, flush mount & wall mounted models
    • Wide surveillance angle
    • Adjustable ambient light threshold
    • Adjustable light on time
    • NO 10A 230Vac contacts
    • Models:
      • 18.01-230 - IP40 internal use
      • 18.11-230 - IP54 external use
      • 18.21-230 - internal ceiling surface mount
      • 18.31-230 - internal ceiling recessed mounting

    18.21 PIR sensor

    18.31 PIR sensor

  • Pressure Sensors
    Sunx DP-100 Series Pressure Sensor
    Low cost, all-in-one pressure sensor with dual digital display and high end functionality.
    • Dual 3 colour 4 digit alpha-numerical display
    • Display current value & threshold value
    • Selectable NO or NC output or analogue output option
    • 12 to 24V dc operation
    • IP40 protection
    • LP-101 -100 to +100kPa, NPN output
    • LP-102 -0.1 to +1MPa, NPN output

    Sunx DP2 Series Pressure Sensor
    All-in-one pressure sensor for basic pressure sensing applications.
    The DP2 series of pressure sensors offers a high-resolution, high-speed, and high-accuracy solution for all of your pressure sensing needs.
    • 3.5 digit LED display
    • Selectable unit display, kPa, kgf/cm2, mmHg, inHg
    • NPN & analogue output
    • 12 to 24V dc operation
    • IP67 protection
    • DP2-60 vacuum 0 to -101.3 kPa
    • DP2-61 0 to 100 kPa

    Sunx DP-M Series Pressure Sensor
    For differential pressure measurement.
    • 3 digit LED display
    • NPN output & analogue output options
    • 12 to 24V dc operation

  • Level & Water Detection Sensors
    Sunx EZ11 Series Water Detection Sensors
    Reliable and versatile thru-beam water detection sensors.
    The powerful beam of the EZ11 allows the beam to pass through translucent & opaque containers. The sensitivity can be adjusted so that water drops, bubbles in the water or surface froth are not detected.
    • Range up to 5m
    • NPN or PNP output options
    • 12-24Vdc supply
    • IP67 protection

  • Temperature Sensors
    Pt100 Temperature Sensors
    • PT101 for liquid & PT111 for air
    • Stainless steel housing, 6mm diameter
    • Heat resistant silicone cable, length 2 metres
    • Range -50°C to +170°C
    • Accuracy ±1°C

    PT105-RT Pt100 Ring Terminal Temperature Sensors
    • Pt100 tree wire sensor
    • Stainless steel housing with nickel plated steel ring terminal
    • 26 AWG stranded cable, PFA Teflon insulation
    • Max. temperature 260°C (500°F)
    • Accuracy CLASS A

  • Rotary Encoders
    Rotary Encoders
    Manufactured by Datalogic.
    User manual
    Programmable Incremental Encoders, IEP58
    Hollow or solid shaft.
    Programmable via USB cable.
    • High resolution up to 16384 PPR
    • Size 58mm dia. x 54mm
    • Mechanical protection IP65
    • Shaft rotational speed 6000rpm continuous
    • 5-30V DC supply

    IEP58 encoders have a serial interface for setting up the device.
    To communicate with the encoder via USB use the IEP58-PROG-TOOL from Datalogic.

    Stocked encoders:
    IEP58-S06-PROG-C15 6mm solid shaft, 1.5m cable.
    IEP58-S10-PROG-C15 10mm solid shaft, 1.5m cable.
    IEP58-S10-PROG-M12 10mm solid shaft, M12 connector.

    Rotary Encoders
    Manufactured by Kübler.

    Kübler are specialists in the fields of position and motion sensor technology.

    3700 3720
    Data sheet
    Incremental Encoders, 3700 & 3720
    Shaft & hollow shaft coupling.
    Economical incremental encoders with optical sensor technology.
    Robust carbon-fibre reinforced plastic housing.
    • 6mm shaft or 8mm hollow-shaft coupling
    • 50, 360, 500, 1000ppr options
    • compact size, 37mm dia. x 30mm
    • IP65 bearing side, IP67 cable side rating
    • Max. speed 6000rpm
    • 5-30V DC supply
    • 1m pvc cable

    Other Kübler encoders available on request.

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