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Audible & Visual Alarms
Electronic Warning Signals
Manufactured by Cooper Fulleon Ltd Wales
Solex Beacon
Data sheet.
Solex Xenon Beacons
  • Colours - Red, amber, green & blue
  • Supply - 10 to 60Vdc
  • Flash energy - 10Cd
  • Flash rate - 60 per minute
  • Environment -25°C to +70°C IP54
  • Construction - ABS plastic body, polycarbonate lens

Not recommended for continuous operation

Solista LED Beacon
Data sheet.
Solista Maxi LED Flashing Beacon
  • Selectable flash intensity >0.5Cd, >1Cd, >3Cd
  • Low current consumption 3mA, 6mA, 15mA
  • Wide operating power supply 9-60Vdc
  • Selectable flash single 1Hz or double flash
  • Environment IP54 with shallow base or IP65 with deep base
  • Construction ABS plastic body, polycarbonate lens
  • Colours red amber & blue

Powered base
Data sheet.
Powered Deep Base
  • Supply input 86-264Vac
  • Output 24Vdc 100mA max.
  • Environment IP65
    -20°C to +55°C
  • Compatible with
    RoLP, Rolp Solista, Flashni, Solex, Solista
  • Construction ABS plastic body
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