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MTL Intrinsically Safe
MTL Intrinsically Safe Barriers & Isolators
Manufactured by MTL
MTL is a world leader in intrinsic safety (IS) interfaces for hazardous areas, producing barriers, isolators & integrated IS to help prevent explosions in process industries.

MTL Certificates of Approvals:

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Data sheet
MTL700 Intrinsic Safety Zener Barriers
MTL's compact & inexpensive shunt-diode IS barriers are the simplest type of IS interface for protecting electrical circuits in hazardous areas.

Data sheet
MTL7700 DIN Rail Mounting Safety Barriers
The MTL7700 series follows closely in the footsteps of the MTL700, but as a DIN rail mounting barrier, providing quick and easy installation without the need for special hardware.

Data sheet
MTL5500 Series Intrinsic Safety (IS) Isolators
  • Straight forward clip-no DIN rail mounting
  • 3-port isolation as standard
  • Highest module/channel packing densities
  • Multi-channel I/O modules

Data sheet.
MTL5000 Series Intrinsic Safety (IS) Isolators

Please note many of the MTL5000 series modules have now been superseded by their equivalent in the new MTL5500 series.

For new applications the MTL5500 modules are recommended.

Please see the MTL5000 to MTL5500 series migration brochure for a comprehensive list of module comparisons.

MTL5500 Migration Brochure

Data sheet
MTL660 Series I.S. Digital Displays
Loop powered indicators for hazardous areas.
The MTL66x range offers a variety of field & panel mounting I.S. indicators. Fully configurable with a low voltage drop.
  • Loop powered 4-20mA
  • Protection to IP67
  • Zone 2 mounting
  • Easy to configure, back light option
  • Display 5½ digits 26mm high plus 11 8mm digits for process/units
  • Display range from -99999 to 199999 with configurable decimal point

MTL646 MTL647
Data sheet
MTL646 & MTL647 I.S. Digital Displays
The MTL646 & MTL647 serial text displays can display text & simple graphics in a hazardous area. They provide a low cost operator interface for simple machine & process control applications. Data and power are normally supplied by a 2-wire serial data link from an MTL5051 isolator.
  • High contrast LCD display with back light
  • IP65 from front panel
  • Operator push buttons or external switch inputs
  • Zone 0, 1 or 2
  • Display 120 x 64 pixels, 86.5mm x 45mm

MTL Communications
MTL have a wide range of communication products for both Hazardous & Safe Area installation. These include managed & unmanaged ethernet switches, media converters & RF I/O components.

Data sheet
MTL9200 Series Ethernet switches
DIN rail mounted unmanaged Ethernet switches.
9205-ETX 5 port Ethernet switch, -10 to +60°C.
9208-ETM 8 port Ethernet switch, -40 to +75°C.

MTL9460-ET Series Intrinsically Safe Ethernet

Data sheet
EL-905U-L-P2-NZ Wireless I/O
Transmitter and receiver units factory-configured as a matching pair, or user-configurable as part of a larger wireless I/O network.
921-928MHz Tx/Rx pair
Class I Div 2 hazardous area approval (USA/Canada)

MTL Surge Protection Devices
MTL Surge Protection Brochure.

MA15 MA Series AC Power Protection Devices
MA series protection devices are designed to provide immediate local protection against surges and electrical noise. The DIN rail mounted device can be mounted beside individual items of electrical equipment.

MA05/D-2 5A DIN rail mounting SPD for 240Vac power systems
MA15/D2/S1 15A DIN rail mounting SPD for 240Vac power systems
MA30/D-1 30A DIN rail mounting SPD for 110Vac power systems
MA30/D2/S1 30A DIN rail mounting SPD for 240Vac power systems

SD range
Data sheet
SDX Series Data & Signal Protection Devices
Ultra-slim user-friendly devices for protecting electronic equipment and systems against surges on signal and I/O cabling.

SD07X 7V DIN rail mounting SPD for low resistance devices.
SD16X 16V DIN rail mounting SPD for low resistance devices.
SD32X 32V DIN rail mounting SPD for low resistance devices.

MTL SM & SD safety manual

Data sheet
SDM SD Modular Range Protection Devices
The MTL SDM range takes the established SD range of high performance surge protectors for I/O and introduces a replaceable element.
  • Slim, modular, space saving design
  • Easily replaceable module element
  • Available with Screw/Spring clamp terminals
  • Voltage ratings to suit process I/O applications
  • ATEX and IECEx certified

MTL SM & SD safety manual

Data sheet
TP48 Series Data & Signal Protection Devices
TP48 data & signal protection units safeguard field mounted process transmitters right at the unit. The TP48 simply screws into a conduit entry with no additional modification required.

TP48-N Field mounted SPD, 1/2" NPT thread, 48Vdc max.
TP48-I Field mounted SPD, 20mm ISO thread, 48Vdc max.

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