Switchboards & Control Panels
Industrial Monitoring & Control
HMI Touch Screens
Exor eX700 series touch screen & eXware series controllers.
Panasonic HM500 HMI.
Proface HMI.
PLC, Wireless I/O
Crouzet Millenium 3 controllers & Panasonic FP-0 Series controllers. Compact expandable logic controllers.
Industrial wireless I/O.
Analog Panel Meters
Moving iron & moving coil ammeters & voltmeters. Battery level monitoring. Thermal demand, frequency, power factor, Watt-meters & var-meters.
Digital Panel Meters
AC & DC digital ammeters & voltmeters. Multifunction ac panel meters, digital frequency meters & synchroscopes. Multipurpose digital pulse meter.
Control & Monitoring Relays
Current & voltage, 3-phase supply, motor load & power guard relays. Temperature control, level sensing, light dependent, frequency & tachometer relays.
Digital Panel Meters Counters & Hours Run Meters. Electromechanical, battery powered LCD & programmable counters. Hours run meters, battery powered LCD & electromechanical.
Timers, Timing Relays
& Time Switches

Plug-in, DIN rail mount & panel mount timer relays. Programmable timers, 24Hr & 7 day time switches.
Generator & Marine Controls
A range of Gen-Set controls designed for all combined heat & power, co-generation, diesel and gas engine generator applications.
Sensors including micro switches & industrial limit switches, photoelectric, proximity, ultrasonic, level, temperature & pressure sensors.
Plug-In Relays & Solid State Relays
General purpose plug-in relays, DIN rail mount & PCB mount. High performance power relays, intelligent SSRs & relay interface modules. Relay bases etc.
Current Transformers
A wide range of CTs from 40/5A up to 4000/5A. Split-core, clamp on &
flexible CTs.
Hall effect dc current sensors.
Ammeter Shunts
Low current from 2 to 24A made to order. Lightweight 50mV shunts from 30A to 100A. Industrial shunts imported or made to order.
Control Panel, Switchboard Accessories
Power supplies, Indicators, buzzers/beepers, switches & push buttons.
Terminals, distribution blocks, stand-offs, DIN rails & marking tags. Test blocks.
Cabinet fans & filters, heaters & thermostats.