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Relay Modules
Manufactured by Carrel Electrade
Auckland New Zealand
RM-16WAY-24VDC RM Series Relay Modules
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Plug in relays
    • 46.61 250VAC 10A CO mechanical relays
      Note. 10A fuse/fuse holder limited
    • or SSR-EDxxC5 48VDC/280VAC 5A NO solid state relays
  • Fused output
  • Relay control via terminals or ribbon cable to PLC
    (RM-32WAY-24VDC ribbon cable only)
RM-8WAY-24VDC - 8 way relay module
RM-16WAY-24VDC - 16 way relay module
RM-32WAY-24VDC - 32 way relay module

Relay Interface Modules
Manufactured by EuroTek srl Italy
MRZxx data sheet
Relay Interface Modules
MR series relay modules
  • DIN rail mounting, compact space saving tray
  • Ease of wiring - wired with common neutral
  • Ease of maintenance - replaceable relays
  • LED indication
  • Fused options available
  • Screw or ribbon cable connectors

Modules available in three relay types
  • 6A SPNO (8 way module)
  • 10A SPDT (4, 8, 16 or 32 way modules)
  • 16A SPDT (8 way module)

MP/FKxx data sheet
Passive Interface Modules
MP series passive modules
  • DIN rail mounting, compact space saving tray
  • Ease of wiring
  • Available with or without LED indication
  • Ribbon to screw connect or spring clamp interface

  • Relay Bases
    Menics PS-08 8 pin relay base.
    Menics PS-11 11 pin relay base.
    Schrack ZB11 11 pin relay base.

Telephone ring detect relay
Data sheet
Telephone Ring Detect Relay
The telephone ring detect relay connects directly to a telephone line
and will switch on and off in sympathy with the telephone ringing frequency.
  • Input 20V, 20Hz min.
  • Output switch
    • 250Vac 6A inductive
    • 250Vac 15A non-inductive
    • 125Vdc 0.5A
  • Dimensions 150 x 120 x 50mm
  • Weight 1kg
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Carrel Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.